ProDia Laboratories (PDL) is a participating provider with the following insurances: Medicare, Virginia Medicaid, Southern Health/Coventry, Valley Health Plan, Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana.

For your patients that do not carry one of these insurances we also accept patients carrying United Health Care, Virginia Health Care Network, and Aetna health insurances to whom we provide services as a non-participating or an out of network laboratory. If you opt to use our services despite insurance limitations we offer special financing and discounts to your patients to minimize their out of pocket expenses.

For your uninsured patients we have the flexibility to offer special discounts and financing options for those patients that qualify.  You can increase your patient satisfaction by using PDL to receive these special laboratory discounts.

We can accept specimens from Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

At PDL we partner with you to ensure the highest quality of patient diagnosis and care.

We serve clinicians in various specialties including Dermatology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, General and Plastic Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, and OBGYN.

We specialize in skin, soft tissue, oral, nasal, eyelid, conjuctival, corneal and vulvar biopsies along with Pap smear and fine needle aspiration cytologies.

Through Dr. Qureshi’s years of experience and polished skill we can provide you and your patients with unbeatable diagnostic and consultative pathology services.

Any time you need it our Dermatopathologist is just a call away and ready to provide input on your difficult cases so that you can offer the best of patient care.

We Provide Personalized Services:

  • Rapid Turn around
  • Impeccable diagnosis reporting
  • Special financing/discounts for uninsured patients
  • Direct Doctor to Doctor access
  • Consultation on difficult cases
  • Direct insurance billing for consultation cases

Special Offer for Prospective Clients

If you switch to PDL for all or almost all of your tissue pathology services, we will offer you:

  • Free Patient Consultations by phone, video conference, or personal visit on difficult skin rashes, dysplastic moles, melanoma, guiding proper biopsy techniques and margins evaluations.
  • Free Equipment for Video Conferencing (laptop equipped with camera) and a wireless printer/fax machine.
  • Prompt Access to our Dermatopathologist via phone/video conferencing
  • Free Recut Slides and Access to Digital Histopathology Photomicrograph upon request.
  • Ability to achieve High Patient Satisfaction to build your own practice.

If you would like to continue with your current pathology provider we urge that you send one in every four specimens to PDL to include us in your patient care team.

We also provide TC/PC services for clinicians who like to read there own biopsies.

Call Today: 434-284-2809, 434-563-7392

or contact us at and begin your partnership with PDL and make a difference in your practice and your patient’s life.

Thank you for choosing ProDia Laboratories.