For Prospective Clients, Laboratories

ProDia Laboratories is a participating provider with the following insurances: Medicare, Virginia Medicaid, Southern Health/Coventry, Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana.

For your patients that do not carry one of these insurances we also accept patients carrying United Health Care, Virginia Health Care Network, Cigna, and Aetna health insurances to whom we provide services as a non-participating or an out of network laboratory. If you opt to use our services despite insurance limitations we offer special financing and discounts to your patients to minimize their out of pocket expenses.

For your uninsured patients we have the flexibility to offer special discounts and financing options for those patients that qualify.  You can increase your patient satisfaction by using ProDia Laboratories to receive these special laboratory discounts

Pre-prepared histology/cytology slides along with the pathology protocol can be forwarded to us. Ninety percent of the cases are reported within 24 hours of the receipt of patient material.

If a case requires additional workup and special testing; the test requests are faxed to the sending laboratory.

Pathology reporting can be performed on a Laboratory Information System provided by the client (through a VPN or a direct network connection) or it can be performed under our Laboratory Information System.